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Timber Grade Information

Oak Grading - Please refer to the PDF on the right for a full description of oak grading

For other timber, there are two basic wood grades.

Select lumber is excellent quality for use when appearance and finishing are important and

Common lumber that has defects used for construction and general-purpose projects.

The grades of the select lumber are:

  • B and better grade, which has minute or no blemishes.
  • C select grade which has some minor defects such as small knots.
  • D select grade that has larger imperfections, which can be concealed by paint.

The grades of common lumber are:

  • No. 1 grade containing tight knots and few blemishes.
  • No. 2 grade that has more and larger knots and blemishes.
  • No. 3 grade that has loose knots, knotholes, and other flaws.
  • No. 4 grade that is low quality.
  • No. 5 grade where the appearance is not important.
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