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This is what I can do for you
Taking all cutting lists or oak orders (translating them from imperial to metric)
Liaising with customers and French sawmills.
I can source pretty much anything, curved bracing material, extra long beams. Try me!
Checking your order is complete and to the correct standard (i.e. TH1 or QBA etc).
Negotiating on price with the mills for you.
Organizing haulage to UK and Ireland.


vastoak transport
Around 30% of the cost of haulage is fuel. The delivered in price of round timber is then particularly sensitive to fuel price changes (Given the cost assumptions above and all other things being equal, a 1% change in fuel price gives a 0.15% increase in delivered in cost).

The most direct methods for reducing haulage costs per tonne are legislative but also eco-friendly. However you can see I always try to optimize loads to lower haulage costs.
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