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Green Oak QP1/A Price List

LengthLess Than 3.0m3.00m - 3.90m4.00m - 4.90m5.00m - 5.90m6.00m - 6.90m7.00m 7.90m
Price per m³€760.00€870€966€1080.00€1145.00€1270

* For sections 100 mm and less, there is a 75€ /m³ surcharge.
* For Jowls and Curved Stock there is a 75€/m³ Boule Measure

Description of QP1/A

  • Sawn timber with sharp edges, no wane, with tolerance of small quantities of sound sapwood on two edges
    maximum if the minimum width exceeds 90% of the width of the piece.
  • Sound sapwood not exceeding half the width of the face or the edges is accepted on the edges.
  • Slight traces of heart tolerated on two faces. Enclosed heart permitted, red heart permitted.
  • Sound knots are acceptable, as long as their diameter does not exceed one half of the width of the face or edge.
  • Two sound dead knots are permitted per linear metre as long as their individual diameter does not exceed one quarter of the width
    of the face or edge.
  • On 10% of the pieces of the batch black streaks, brown rot, curly grain, bark pocket can be present.
  • Some black bore holes can be accepted.
  • Slope of grain < 12% permitted on one face and must not exceed 20%.
  • Heart shakes, ring shakes and frost cracks are permitted on the ends of the pieces, as long as they do not appear on the faces.
  • Face shakes tolerated.
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