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I have this big load of air dried oak beams for sale.

I have been offered this kiln dried oak flooring:

27mm KD QF2/3/4 X (small percentage of sap, I would say 90% is QF3/4). It was originally destined for Belgium, a guy who made rustic flooring , and the mill lost their contact, they were selling it at:

 490€ per M3

But I can get it for 

460€ NET EX works per M3.

It's quite wide: 200mm/220mm/240mm, and lengths of 2 Meters to 2.50 Meters.

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I have some superb elm available from a sawmill that has had a cancelled contract. Sizes are 2m x 400mm x 50mm. This will go fast so please contact me now.


I have some superb long kiln dried Beech on offer due to a cancelled order. Please contact me ASAP. This will go fast. Below is a photo of some oak though!


kiln dried beech
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