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Oak and other timber sourced from France


My name is Laurie Palmer, I have been working in the oak trade, specializing in sourcing green oak and the logistics of all regional timber. I have been working in the oak trade since 2001 , and set up Vastoak in 2009.
I work with local French sawmills and have acquired a lot of knowledge for oak, also I have a good address book for sawmills, knowing who does what, and the different qualities to look out for and various deals available. Below the list of what I can supply.


I have an excellent knowledge of local oak suppliers, sawmills and know where the good deals are.
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Green Oak

Any section size and length supplied and marked as required.
QPA & QP1 grade.
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Air Dried Oak

Air dried oak for renovation projects, up to 10m long and QP1 grade
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Kiln Dried Oak

Kiln dried , and milled from extra large logs if required. Variety of potential uses.
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Oak Sleepers

Natural green oak sleepers for garden use. Minimum order one artic. load.
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Occasionaly I have elm, burr oak and other interesting timber.
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Ask For a Quote

Whatever your timber needs are, I am usually able to help.
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